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Myanmar Timeline
Since the coup

Violence in Myanmar has rapidly escalated since February 2021, when the Myanmar Military seized power in the country. The military’s control of power is not new in Myanmar, which, aside from a short five year window of democracy, has been run for the last 50 years by its army. For that five-year window, a balance of shared power was met between the army, and popular leader Aung San Suu Kyi. When she won votes in 2020’s landslide election, the army arrested Suu Kyi and many of her party, took control of the country, and attempted to squash any form of dissent.

Disclaimer: this timeline outlines a number of key events which have taken place in the country; however, it is by no means exhaustive. As Myanmar Witness covers trends in fires in the fire map, many fire events have been excluded from this timeline. For a more detailed account of fires in Myanmar, see the Fire Map.

1 February 2021

NLD's Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint detained and Senior General Min Aung Hlaing takes power

6 February 2021

Mass protests began in Yangon and the red ribbons and 3 finger salute begin to emerge

14 February 2021

Tanks arrive at Myay Ni Gone Junction protests

26 February 2021

Myanmnar UN Ambassador denounces coup at the UNGA

28 February 2021

Police charge the White Coat Protests in Yankin

28 February 2021

MilkTea Alliance Protest met with violent crackdown

3 March 2021

Lethal force used against protesters in North Okkalapa

3 March 2021

Deadly protests in Mandalay

14 March 2021

Hlaing Tharyar protests brutally dispersed

27 March 2021

Protests in Yangon continue despite military crackdowns

27 March 2021

The bloodiest day of the crackdowns

1 April 2021

Protests continue in Ye-U township, Sagaing region

9 April 2021

At least 82 protesters killed in Bago

15 April 2021

Pamphlets delegitimising the National Unity Government begin being sighted

23 May 2021

From protests to damage to civilian infrasturcture in Demoso

25 May 2021

Moe Bye Police station attacked by local defence forces

15 June 2021

Fires in Kinma village

27 June 2021

Kani massacre

7 July 2021

Police defect as a new civil war looms in Myanmar

27 July 2021

The death of female protester Thu Thu Zin

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