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Myanmar Witness
Small Arms Guide

This guide has analysed open sources of information, ranging from leaked military documentation to user-generated content (UGC) across social and broadcast media platforms, to identify and verify specific small arms and light weapons present across the conflict in Myanmar post February 2021 Coup. Particular focus has been applied to those small arms utilised by military and police forces under the command of the State Administration Council (SAC). The armaments considered as small arms and light weapons are consistent with those listed by the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms. 


Very few analysts have published articles focusing on the weapons documented in this guide, with such pieces lacking the specificity and breadth present within the report. These pre-existing contributions have been duly verified and credited in this guide, which categorises and expands the array of models to allow this analysis to be more comprehensive for identification purposes. The lack of information about weapons in Myanmar necessitates this guide and makes it a logical step in ongoing efforts to improve accountability for the conduct of the Myanmar military, police and other armed forces within the country.


By focusing on the small arms and light weapons identified and verified as being in use throughout the conflict in post February 2021 Coup Myanmar, this guide serves as a valuable resource for journalists, academics, those working toward accountability for international crimes and an array of other fields. This guide has been developed with the belief that it will provide greater clarity on the tools and techniques used across this conflict. 

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