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A selection of interviews and media appearances featuring experts from Myanmar Witness or work by the team. 

Almost exactly two years since the military coup in Myanmar, Newsnight has exclusive evidence that women who speak up against the regime are especially in danger. 

Research shared with the programme shows that pro-military social media accounts are systematically targeting women who speak up against the regime, flooding their accounts with hate speech and doxxing, meaning their private information is posted publicly alongside calls for violence.

26 January 2023

Online abuse of women in Myanmar

BBC Newsnight

2 years after a military coup, the BBC has obtained exclusive research showing social media is  being used to target female pro-democracy supporters.

25 January 2023

Digital Battlegrounds

BBC World

Interview with arms expert Leone Hadavi from Myanmar Witness about the production of small arms in Myanmar and the allegations that European companies are continuing to provide equipment necessary for the industry to KaPaSa.

16 January 2023

Arms Production in Myanmar


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