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31 July 2023

Big explosion on a checkpoint bridge, a child injured by a landmine and mass arrests to use people as human shields.

EVENT 1 Heavy explosion near the Salween Bridge military checkpoint

Date: 31 July 2023 Coords: 16.837532, 97.618863 Incident summary: The SAC gate at the Salween Bridge in Hap-an township, Karen state where inspections were regular carried out by SAC forces , exploded this morning on 31 July 2023. 11 people were reportedly injured in the explosion. Sources:

Geolocation by Myanmar Witness:

Category: Bridge, Explosion Alleged Actor: PDF(?)

EVENT 2 Nearly 50 people arrested to be used as human shield by SAC troops

Date: 27 July 2023 Coords: 14.508460, 97.991546 Incident summary: Multiple local media reported that nearly 50 people were arrested in Zar Di village, Yebyu township in Tanintharyi region on 27 July 2023 by SAC troops after the offensive into the village. Those arrested were reportedly denied contact with their families until 30 July 2023. It’s also claimed that SAC forced the arrested local people to wear military uniforms and to carry weapons. Those arrested included men and women between the age of 18 and 60 years old from four villages in Yebyu township. No footage of the incident was so far found. Sources: Mizzima:

Category: Arbitrary Arrest, Human Shields Alleged Actor: SAC


Three women including minor wounded by a landmine in Karen state

Date: 29 July 2023 Coords: 21.483379, 94.828132 Incident summary: Three women including a 12-year-old girl were injured after stepping on a landmine near Aung Mingalar village, Kawkareik township, Karen state on 29 July 2023. Source:

Category: Landmine, Child, Women Alleged Actor: SAC

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