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22 August 2023

Daily Briefing from Myanmar Witness Disclaimer: The following is a brief summary of the top 3 stories on the Myanmar Witness radar that day for daily reactive investigations. Information is subject to change as the stories develop. The briefing is a work in progress and should be seen as a starting point for further work, research, and potential collaboration. It is by no means exhaustive and incidents where the verification work of Myanmar Witness could be useful are prioritised for inclusion. Email to get in touch about something in one of the briefs.

1) Religious buildings damaged by airstrikes in Gangaw


The Irrawaddy reported that on 21 August, Buddhist religious buildings were damaged following MAF airstrikes on the village of Min Ywar (မင်းရွာ). It is reported that the incident came following clashes which saw the Min Ywar police station allegedly attacked by local PDF forces. The Irrawaddy has claimed that 5 policemen were killed during the confrontation. It is alleged that at around 0800, the village and nearby monastery were hit by heavy artillery and 5 bombs which were dropped by an MAF jet fighter.

Location Min Ywar (မင်းရွာ), Gangaw township, Magway [22.029062, 94.093927]

Reported date 21 August


The Irrawaddy - Burmese Edition

Notes Geolocated

Event 2: House burned down in Demoso


Khit Thit Media have reported that on 22 August, SAC troops burned down a house in the village of Ta Nee Lar Le (တနီးလာလဲ). A KNDF Facebook post alleged that military council forces had been stationed to the east of Ta Nee Lar Le village for several months, and had frequently burned civilian houses without encountering direct resistance.

Location Ta Nee Lar Le (တနီးလာလဲ), Demoso township, Kayah [19.520373, 97.232137]

Reported date 22 August


Khit Thit Media[0]=AZW2_a1m4VDfM3CM7EtXpdkj9CPm72umuYn7oIxZIB0f6FTcqUHk86Ki4bH-wv3wrNcN_0ghbBjleCwH552TqVWFmat_McuKoPMpSgVz_kyJx4qNyfIFsRn4iLwd3d-iWZDGpHImbl5cJE277Rx1QjHTZu95ioJ-0FtuHZZmSmU7uma49Qc-umMlnYVkR3yJtnhXhJuwXF15l4ne3WaAdC3_&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Karenni Nationalities Defense Force

Kantarawaddy Times

Notes Geolocated

3) Over 30 houses destroyed in Myaing


Khit Thit Media reported that on 21 August at 0830, more than 30 houses were burned down by SAC troops in the village of Htan Bone Taw (ထန်းဘုန်းတော). It is alleged that the remaining buildings were looted for food and valuables.

Location Htan Bone Taw (ထန်းဘုန်းတော), Myaing township, Magway [21.64038086, 94.89031219]

Reported date 21 August


Khit Thit Media

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