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23 August 2023

Daily Briefing from Myanmar Witness Disclaimer: The following is a brief summary of the top 3 stories on the Myanmar Witness radar that day for daily reactive investigations. Information is subject to change as the stories develop. The briefing is a work in progress and should be seen as a starting point for further work, research, and potential collaboration. It is by no means exhaustive and incidents where the verification work of Myanmar Witness could be useful are prioritised for inclusion. Email to get in touch about something in one of the briefs.

1) 2 Civilians and 5 PDF killed in Sagaing


Khit Thit Media reported that in the period 15-23 August, a column of SAC troops attacked 7 villages across Sagaing township, resulting in the deaths of 7 people. On 15 August, it is alleged that a woman was shot dead in the village of East Khet Kha (ခက်ခ (အရှေ့)). On 21 August, it is claimed that a 21-year-old woman was also killed after SAC troops fired on Mu Mandalay village (မူးမန္တလေး). In addition to these civilian casualties, Khit Thit Media have alleged that 4 villages were burned including Sa Mun (စမွန်း) and Kyun U Taw (ကျွန်းဦးတော). It is claimed that many people along the Sagaing-Myinmu border have left their villagers due to military activity.

Location Various locations in Sagaing township, Sagaing.

Reported date 15 - 23 August


Khit Thit Media

Notes No geolocatable footage yet; check FIRMS/sentinel.

2) 8000 IDPS in Khin-U


Khit Thit Media have reported that on 22 August, SAC raids on villages in Khin-U prompted 4000 local people to abandon their houses, adding to the existing tally of IDPs across the township. It is further alleged that one elderly man died from asphyxiation as he attempted to flee his village. In total, Khit Thit claimed that there are 8000 IDPs from 13 villages in Khin-U.

Location Various locations in Khin-U township, Sagaing.

Reported date

22 August


Khit Thit Media Content warning: covered up dead body

Notes No geolocatable footage; various locations.

3) 3 killed in Shwebo


Myaelatt Athan have reported that on 22 August, 1 civilian and 2 PDF were killed after SAC troops occupied the village of Chi Par (South) (ချီပါ (တောင်)). It is alleged that Myanmar Military soldiers entered the village on 21 August, before the bodies of the villagers were found the following day. Myaelatt Athan claimed that in addition to these deaths, over 100 villagers were arrested and the local school was burned down, having been searched for PDF equipment.

Location Chi Par (South) (ချီပါ (တောင်)), Shwebo township, Sagaing [22.539690, 95.653633]

Reported date

22 August


Myaelatt Athan

Notes No geolocatable footage found so far.

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