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3 August 2023

Clashes between SAC and TNLA near the Chinese border and more clashes in Tabayin, with dozens of houses burnt down.

EVENT 1 Fifth day of clashes between SAC and TNLA in Muse

Date: 30 July - 3 August 2023 Coords: 23.829229, 97.937667 Military base camp in Muse 105 (Trade Zone): 23.981103, 97.979451

Incident summary: Fighting between SAC and Ta’aung National Liberation Army (TNLA) continued into its fifth day around the Nam Hkam, Muse and 105 miles (Muse) trade zone, according to a BBC report on 3 Aug 2023. It’s claimed that SAC attacked with heavy weapons from Muse 105 base and left a civilian wounded in 105 mile trade zone and some buildings destroyed on 2 Aug 2023. Local people fled to Muse downtown and Nam Um Kachin Baptist Church in Nam Um. Source: BBC:

Category: Clashes, Artillery, TNLA Alleged Actor: SAC, TNLA

EVENT 2 Thousands of locals fled after clashes and arson in Tabayin township

Date: 2 August 2023 Coords: 22.333629, 95.340820 Incident summary: After clashes between SAC and PDF near Ma Ya Kan village in Tabayin township, SAC troops burnt down the village during the evening of 2 August 2023. According to reports, thousands fled while the SAC burnt down the village. Source:

Category: Clashes, IDPs, Arson Alleged Actor: SAC, (PDF)


27 houses burnt down in Tabayin township

Date: 2 August 2023 Coords: 22.624710,95.396652 (Ma Ya Kan village (မရကန်) ) Incident summary: SAC troops raided Ma Ya Kan village in Tabayin township, Sagaing region on 2 Aug 2023, burned down 27 houses and stole people's property. Source:

Category: Arson, Theft Alleged Actor: SAC

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