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For Witnesses

We provide a secure solution for anyone who has witnessed a human rights incident in Myanmar and wants to make sure their digital evidence is safely stored and used to hold the perpetrators to account.

Click the upload button to be taken to a form where you can anonymously upload images, videos, audio or links.



Questions about Uploading Evidence

For Witnesses: FAQ

What happens when I upload content to Myanmar Witness?

Once you have anonymously uploaded, our team of analysts will process, investigate and verify the information. It is hashed so it is searchable and usable at a later date. Verified information is securely shared with the UN and other parties investigating human rights abuses in Myanmar and used to inform media and other reporting. We don't share information for publication without anonymising it first.

Should I upload video evidence to MW if the quality is poor or it doesn't show everything?

Yes. Sometimes footage is clear enough on its own to provide the whole picture. But often, we use many videos and photos to build up a picture of a particular incident. Sometimes the missing part of the puzzle is as simple as a photo of someone wearing a particular uniform in the area at the time. So your video may contain important evidence, even if the video quality is poor, or perpetrators are not clearly identifiable. Upload it and let us do the work of putting it all together.

Can I delete the evidence after I have successfully uploaded it?

Yes, but this is your personal decision. Be aware that journalists and those recording the pro-democracy protests in Myanmar have been arrested and prosecuted, including under Article 505(a) of the penal code.
Your safety should be your number one priority. Once you have uploaded to Myanmar Witness, you can, if you wish, delete the files knowing that they are held safely and will be used responsibly to hold people to account.

Can I upload photos or audio recordings as evidence?

Yes, we accept videos, images, audio and links to social media posts and websites.

How long will it take for the evidence I provide to be used?

Within days the information may be safely used in a media investigation by the international media to draw attention to the situation in Myanmar. Much later, the evidence may be used in possible legal proceedings.

Can I remain anonymous if I am in the video footage that I upload?

Yes. We don't require you to provide personal information and we don't share evidence with media outlets without anonymising the data first. We will never put your identity at risk.

What does Myanmar Witness do with the evidence it gathers?

We store it securely and make sure it is collected and preserved and shared with responsible organisations (the UN) in a way that makes future prosecutions possible where appropriate. Our evidence is also made available in an anonymised form for journalists and international media to write about.

How does MW analyse data from Myanmar?

We use open-source analytical techniques to verify footage, often using satellite imagery to find WHERE and WHEN footage was taken. This is called geolocation (identifying the place) and chronolocation (identifying the time). We also examine and piece together information found in photos and videos and other available sources to gather as much detail as we can about WHAT happened and WHO might be involved.

Is it safe to upload evidence to Myanmar Witness?

The safety of witnesses and those who share evidence with us is our top priority. We take robust measures to ensure security at our end. There are steps you can take to ensure your safety and digital security. Follow the Myanmar Witness Facebook Page for more. 

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