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Week to 31 July 2023

Weekly News Briefing

24th - 31st July 2023 The SAC is facing growing resistance, even in its core stronghold of Naypyitaw, with widespread clashes across the country and an airstrike in Shan state. Rumours emerge that the junta may make conciliatory moves around the detention of popular leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

Event 1: Mortar Attack in Kyauktaga Township, Bago Allegedly, the SAC's LIB 264, LID 307, LID 308 fired heavy weaponry, resulting in 4 civilian deaths in Tha Min Inn Kone village, Kyauktaga township, Bago. The attack was reportedly prompted by information suggesting the arrival of revolutionary forces in the vicinity. The event mirrored a similar attack in early June, which also resulted in 4 civilian deaths. Event 2: Violence and Evacuation in Salingyi Township Local villagers from 10 villages in Salingyi Township had to flee due to a raid by the SAC column. The displacement happened amidst heavy rain, amplifying the hardship of the affected population. Event 3: Property Destruction in Ma Sar Twi Village A SAC convoy was reportedly stationed in Ma Sar Twi village for two days, during which they destroyed and stole civilians' properties, including schools and churches. Event 4: Destruction in Launglon Township Myanmar military forces reportedly raided the Taung Min Pyaung village after clashes with PDF near Kha Maung Taung village. During the raid, SAC troops burnt down three houses and destroyed more than 50 others. Event 5: Airstrike in Muse, Shan State

An airstrike allegedly conducted by the SAC was reported in Nam Aum village, Muse Township, Shan State. This airstrike followed an artillery attack on the village the previous day, which reportedly resulted in one casualty.

Event 6: Discovery of a Dead Body in Myingyan Township

A dead body, suspected to have been killed by the SAC, was discovered on the road at the entrance of Hle Ku Ma village, Myingyan Township. The man had reportedly been shot in the forehead.

Event 7: Military Supply Transport along the Ayeyarwady River

Nine military ships carrying supplies began traveling along the upper Ayeyarwady river from Gaw Wein Jetty in Mandalay, reportedly headed towards Bamoh- Katha Township.

Event 8: Rumour of Aung San Suu Kyi's House Arrest

News emerged that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi may have been transferred from jail to house arrest. Further confirmation is awaited.

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