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2 January 2024

Market struck in Kawlin




Market was attacked with heavy weaponry leaving six civilians killed

Six civilians were reportedly killed when a bustling market in Kawlin town was struck by heavy weaponry.

It is alleged that the Myanmar military carried out the artillery attack between 0848 and 0930 on 02 January 2024.

Myanmar Witness has geolocated imagery showing extensive and recent damage to an outdoor market in Kawlin town. Although the date and time of the incident have not yet been independently verified, the geolocated footage is timestamped at 0936 on 02 January. The timestamp is consistent with reports of the timing of the claimed artillery attack.

Kawlin town has been under the control of the Kawlin People Defence Force (KLPDF) since November 2023, when the district capital was captured as part of the Three Brotherhood Alliance’s Operation 1027.

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