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Burnt Bodies in Kanpetlet

🔥 Bodies burnt in a house ☑️ Kanpetlet, Chin ☑️ 21.005317, 94.021870 02 August 2023 SAC troops reportedly placed bodies of alleged SAC soldiers inside a house in Ma Sar Twi village of Kanpetlet township and set them on fire. The troops allegedly looted the civilian properties before they burnt the house. Myanmar Witness investigators were able to confirm the location of the incident by using satellite imagery. The footage from the scene showed there was an inscription ‘Ogre Column’ on one of the walls. The term is often used for spreading fear in Myanmar in relation to the killers notorious for their cruelty in the military. Sources……

geolocation of footage showing bodies of dead soldiers set on fire in a house in Kanpetlet

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