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Kani Township

11-28 July 2021

Media Partnership

We have been working with the BBC in order to publish an investigation into the events at Kani Township in July 2021.

They published their initial report on Monday 20 December. 


We are investigating the series of events described in Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun's letter to the UN Secretary-General of 3 August, involving the alleged torture and killing of local residents and PDF fighters in and around Kani Township between 11 and 28 July 2021.

We have pulled together a large amount of content showing dead and mutilated bodies that were handcuffed (executed with hands bound behind their backs, trousers pulled down), which the PDF claim to have found and dug up.

However, none of this is verified, as yet.

To further our investigations we need:

1. Footage showing the reported clashes
2. Footage of any forces in the area around the time of the massacre.

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