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16 September 2022

Tabayin School attack


Let Yet Kone


Tabayin school attack

At around 1300 local time on 16 September 2022 Let Yet Kone village (လက်ယက်ကုန်း), Tabayin Township (ဒီပဲယင်းမြို့နယ်), Sagaing Region (စစ်ကိုင်းတိုင်း), was reportedly attacked by two helicopters for approximately one hour.

A ‘local watch’ page on Facebook posted a claim that helicopters entered from the east side of Let Yet Kone village from the direction of Naung Hla village, and could have possibly flown from Namakha (နမခ) in Monywa (မုံရွာ), Monywa township, Sagaing region, where the Northwestern Military Command for the Myanmar military is located.

During the attack, a school and monastery were affected. Since the February 2021 Coup, CDM and NUG-funded schools started emerging in rural areas under resistance control, which were facing education holes. The Let Yet Kone school is in an area which has seen a rise in CDM and NUG supported schools, given educational resource shortages. Myanmar Witness has been monitoring threats and attacks on schools, specifically in areas where education initiatives have been led, or supported, by the NUG and CDM.

Reports suggest that between 11 and 14 people were killed, including volunteers at the school and at least six children. Additional reporting states that between 15 and 20 people were taken alive by Myanmar military troops, as well as the bodies of the child casualties. Their bodies were either buried or cremated seven miles away in Ye-U township. Reports state that the injured were treated at the nearby Ye-U hospital and some of the injured reportedly lost limbs.

Read Myanmar Witness' report for more information.

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