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9 September 2021

Myin Thar village killings


Myin Thar


Myin Thar killings

According to local residents, military forces stormed Myin Thar (မြင်သာ) village, Gangaw (ဂန့်ဂေါ) Township, Magway (မကွေးတိုင်း) at around 1000 local time on 9 September 2021. Fighting between the military and residents allegedly began at 1100 local time. The Irrawaddy reports that the military began setting fire to homes in Thar Lin (သာလင်း), on the opposite side of the riverbank to Myin Thar (မြင်သာ), before approaching the village.

An anonymous witness from Myin Thar (မြင်သာ) reported that some individuals, upon hearing that the military were heading towards Myin Thar (မြင်သာ), fled to the jungle while others fled to the sanctuary of the monastery. Following the Myanmar military raid, 18 people were found dead in Myin Thar. The dead reportedly included minors, the elderly and the physically disabled. Once the military had left the village, bodies were found and cremated by village residents.

Read Myanmar Witness’ report for more information.

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