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16 November 2021

Myanmar Witness verifies toxic culture of Light Infantry Division LID-101

Min Ywar


LID 101

A video emerged online from November 2021 showing Myanmar military soldiers leading an attack on a village in Myanmar’s north.

Myanmar Witness has geolocated, chronolocated and verified the footage, adding English subtitles to make it more widely accessible.

The footage gives a rare, first-hand glimpse into the mindset of soldiers during a raid on a village. More than that, it reveals - through action and dialogue - the highly toxic culture of a specific Light Infantry Division, LID-101, which clearly allows and encourages the following forms of illegal behaviour:

- The Use of fire to destroy homes, entire villages, and places of worship
- The collective punishment of entire villages
- The destruction of civilian property
- The arbitrary detention at gunpoint of civilians
- The summary killing of anyone suspected of associating with anti-SAC forces

Filmed by the perpetrators, the video shows military personnel leading an attack on Min Ywar village and repeatedly exhorting each other to make LID-101 proud with their viciousness.

Read Myanmar Witness’ report for more information.

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