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14 August 2022

Airstrike and raid on Yin Paung Taing


Yin Paung Taing


Airstrike and raid on villages in Yinmarbin

On 11 August 2022, three Mi-35 helicopters were reportedly involved in an hour-long airstrike in Yin Paung Taing village, Yinmarbin township, Sagaing region. According to local residents, Myanmar military troops entered the village after the airstrikes and remained there for three days.

When the Myanmar military left, fires were reported across the village. Multiple bodies were found, although casualty figures differ online. One report stated that 40 bodies were found in a truck, whilst Myanmar Now reported that an initial 12 bodies were identified, followed by a further 6.

Burma VJ reported that on the same day as this airwar incident, airstrikes were also conducted less than a kilometre away in Pu Htoe Thar village (ပုထိုးသာ ), Pale township (ပုလဲမြို့နယ်). On 20 October 2022, the same village was reportedly attacked again by aircraft, leading to the death of a pregnant woman and her elderly mother. Witnesses of this second attack told Myanmar Now that the firing of the aircraft was contained to within the village in the Yin Paung Taing village attack, while the second alleged attack affected the surrounding villages of Pu Htoe Thar.

While the motive for the attack cannot be confirmed by an analysis of UGC, a correlation has been found between anti-military activity and air attacks. On 9 August 2022, anti-military demonstrations reportedly took place in northern and eastern Yinmarbin township. As a result, it is likely that these were retaliatory attacks or that they targeted a location with known opposition.

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